Active Minds

At Active Minds Neurofeedback, we offer an innovative and natural solution to improving your performance and health. How you think, feel and perform is a product of how well your brain functions. At Active Minds, we train your brain to become more efficient, thus improving your physical condition and performance in business, school, sports and the arts. Neurofeedback has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep and decrease chronic pain, and help treat other conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders and other medical and psychiatric conditions. In addition, neurofeedback helps maximize the performance of students, executives and professionals, artists and athletes. Neurofeedback training gives the brain the tools it needs to operate at its peak level. For the treatment of many medical conditions and for maximal performance in all areas of your life, call Active Minds Neurofeedback to start training your brain today.

Provider Information
Shari Ridge, Ph.D.
(440) 951-5600 ext:165
35000 Chardon Rd.,Suite 210A,Willoughby Hill,OH