Charak Center for Health & Wellness

Mental Health Substance Abuse Care:

middot Mental Health Services: These include diagnostic assessments, therapy, counseling, psychiatric counseling, medication management, and more. Our mission is not only to identify mental health issues, but to provide a comprehensive plan of care for each client that addresses root causes, symptom treatment, medication management and long term controls and goals.

middot Individual, couples and family counseling: for children, adolescents, adults, and elderly.

middot Case Management Group Counseling: The topics discussed typically include illness education, medication education, life skills, etc. This type of group therapy is offered at our Garfield location, where clients are able to choose which two days of the week they would like to attend. The groups have openings Monday-Thursday, from 12pm-2pm. These groups are a lower level of care than PHP, but offer the same coping skills and group therapy techniques for individuals who may not meet PHP criteria.

middot Parenting Classes: Starting in November, these classes will span over a 5 week period, focused on communication and disciplining skills between parent and child. These classes may also be used for quotCourt Orderedquot classes.

middot Serenity: Comprehensive, psychiatric, and psychological evaluation. This evaluation will focus particularly on psychopathology which render an individual more liable to engage in violent and/or abusive behavior.​

middot Case Management:nb

Provider Information
Rebecca Hutchison
347 Midway Blvd,Suite 210 ,Elyria,OH