A Better Way of Ohio


A Better Way of Ohio is committed to being a positive force in the developmentally challenged community.

We treat each of our clients as an individual and focus on improving each aspect of their daily living – mind, body and soul. Our consistent growth is evidence that this approach works.

Founded in 2009, A Better Way of Ohio is Level 1 IO certified by the State of Ohio. We are a registered vendor for Cuyahoga County, with the highest growth rate of any agency in the last 15 years. There are currently 15 staff members, all committed to constant improvement. The company has a solid reputation for success with challenging individuals, cases which we not only accept but relish.

Our offices are located at The Shore Cultural Center, in Euclid. The building offers wonderful opportunities for our clients, from Arts Crafts to a full-size gymnasium. This allows us to offer a wide variety of experiences, on a regular basis, while alleviating the burden of transportation once on location.

Communication is a key to creating and delivering an individual program which results in success for the individual and their family. With the County and family members, A Better Way of Ohio works to implement the individualized service program at a high level of quality. Family members have 24/7 access to the company founder and owner, Clarence Kirkpatrick.

Personable and hands-on, Clarence has over 10 years of involvement with individuals with developmental disabilities. This is his life’s work and his passion for breaking the isolation which is endemic to this community is felt throughout the company.

Provider Information
291 East 222nd Street - Suite 145,Euclid,OH