Bridge to Success Skills Training LLC

Joyce Kubik has ADHD. She has successfully raised children with ADHD, depression, anxiety or a combination thereof. She sees ADHD as a positive force for those who learn to control it from the inside, rather than allowing ADHD to control them.

Joyce no longer lives with frustration, anger and guilt. In five years, she turned a dysfunctional family around, and created a business that coaches individuals to success. She presents workshops and seminars throughout Ohio and neighboring states as well as to schools, colleges, hospitals, physicians and numerous civic organizations. She is also a trained Teleclass Leader.

After failing out of college twice in her early years, Joyce Kubik returned to college at the age of 50 with the mindfulness needed to manage her internal confusions, as well as her external distractions. She graduated in May 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and another in (Health) Communications. Her first-hand knowledge of living with ADHD and her education led her to develop the skills and structures that help adults, college students, and families succeed in managing their ADHD.

Provider Information
Joyce Kubik, ADHD Coach
389 Seneca Court,Avon Lake,OH