Learning Disabilities Associates

Learning Disabilities Associates educates parents and the community about specific learning disabilities (SLD) in order to build understanding and constructive relationships among parents, educators and the community offering workshops and training opportunities in a variety of settings, tailored to the interests and needs of the audience.

They assist professionals who wish to increase their knowledge about learning disabilities including guidance and practical strategies. They help parents better understand their rights and ways to help their children succeed. They offer interested community members opportunities to expand their knowledge and increase understanding. They offer programs in a wide variety of settings to diverse audiences in order to promote understanding of SLD. They tailor the training to the needs of the audience/group.

Learning Disabilities Associates provide advocacy for pre-school, school age, post-secondary, and adults. Advocacy provides information regarding SLD, the rights of persons with SLD, and support in securing school, employment, and community services. With their knowledge and experience, they help to make parents a strong member of the team as decisions are made regarding their family member.

Parent Education gives parents the tools they need to advocate on behalf of their children with SLD, or suspected SLD, by teaching about applicable state and federal laws, multi-factored evaluations, individualized education plans (IEPs) and parent-school relationships.

Provider Information
Cindy Glazer