Marita D'Netto, MD



Specific Interests

1. Management of all Preterm and term neonatal problems acute and chronic medical and surgical neonatal problems at a level111- C- Neonatal intensive care unit. 2. Greatly interested in reducing Late onset Blood stream infections and CSF infections including Central line associated blood stream infections in All neonates in the NICU. 3. Actively involved in the Ohio Childrens hospitals solutions for patient safety- a) reducing Medication and other Errors in the NICU and b) involved in the Cause analysis such as Root cause, common cause and apparent cause analysis of safety events. 3. Special interest in Cow’s milk protein intolerance in preterm and term neonates in the NICU. This was my area of interest which I researched as a Fellow in Neonatology. 4. Special interest in the management of Preterm and term babies with short gut syndrome in the NICU and co-managing them with the Gastroenterologist 5. Glucocorticoid and adrenal insufficiency sufficiency in preterm and term neonates.
Provider Information
Marita D'Netto, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus,9500 Euclid Ave.,Cleveland,OH