Miracle-Ear of Cleveland

For over 60 years, Miracle-Ear has been delivering the highest quality hearing aids available, a tradition that continues to this day. Our line of digital hearing aids offers a full range of hearing aid styles, from our completely invisible in-the-canal Mirage, to robust behind-the-ear hearing aids like our new, waterproof, dustproof, and virtually shockproof AquaviTM.***

We are proud to feature Miracle-Ear’s industry-leading technology. Depending on what particular hearing aid addresses your hearing loss and lifestyles, your Miracle-Ear Hearing Solution can include technology that:

  • Reduces annoying whistling sounds known as feedback
  • Offers multiple programs, for optimal hearing in all of your favorite listening situations
  • Wireless connectivity to cell phones and other electronics
  • Decreases wind noise interference for more enjoyable outdoor conversations
  • Increases listening comfort by reducing sudden loud noises
Provider Information

14100 Cedar Rd Ste 190,Cleveland,Ohio