Out of the Box Academy

Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions, LLC is a private special needs and behavioral consulting company servicing children and families throughout Ohio. We strive to create supportive, collaborative, educational, and functional programs centered on the child and family with special needs.

A year round educational program to support children K – 12 with mild to moderate disabilities.

They offer:

Speech and Language Therapy Language services to facilitate a whole communication approach for each child through multiple modalities such as auditory, PECs, visual pictures, output devices, and sign language.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy often used in treament and education of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Out of the Box Behavioral Solutions, LLC excels at working with school districts and agencies to bring professional training to your location or at our facility. We also offer consulting to agencies and families.

Out of the Box offers many services and family involvement opportunities:

Provider Information
Josh Watson
1011 Gorge Blvd. ,Akron,,OH