ADHD Strong

It is the basis of our entire coaching approach for supporting our clients. You see, we deemphasize the second ‘D’ in ADHD…disorder. When dealing with a disorder, one approaches it from a problematic standpoint. Although we do not ignore the struggles associated with ADHD, at Tucker Life Coaching, we choose to unwrap the gifts that come along with it. This strength based approach has proven to be a highly successful strategy. One that has helped our many clients find better ways to navigate through academic, professional, family and social settings.

Our clients discover very early on that we truly understand what it means to be living with ADHD. We know you are hard working and well intended. Working with us you will finally be able to realize your true potential, and it will not be as hard as you think to achieve. No longer will you feel that you are a disapointment to others and yourself. You deserve the quality of life you have always hoped for, and we can help you get there.

Provider Information
Saul Tucker
Cleveland, OH