Cuyahoga Community College- Eastern Campus

The Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) defines a disability as any mental, physical or learning condition that substantially limits any major life function. The A.D.A. mandates access to higher education for those self-identifying as disabled. Student Accessibility Services at Tri-C serves more than 1,500 students and visitors with disabilities annually.

The students who choose Tri-C do so because of its continued commitment to serving their needs.

The Student Accessibility Services Program supports students with disabilities at any Tri-C campus, site, location or online course. Common disability types include learning disabilities, sensory limitations, psychiatric conditions, physical mobility conditions and chronic health issues. All matters related to a person’s disability are kept confidential.

Provider Information
Toni Todd
4250 Richmond Rd,Education Student Services Bldg ESS-1202,Highland Hills,OH