Got Autism, LLC

We are Got-Autism
We provide our customers with affordable therapeutic products to help those with intellectual, developmental or physical disabilities achieve independence, quality of life and overall well-being.
We do this to encourage and give hope to individuals and families who are living with autism or other cognitive and physical challenges.
We support professionals serving the special needs community with therapeutic and behavioral supports that enhance their work in effecting life outcomes.
We strive continually to improve our operations and efficiencies.
We are improving our service and product offering all the time.
We deal fairly and honestly.
We support our community by giving back whenever possible with either financial or physical (product) contributions.
We enjoy what we do and the people we serve.
We are grateful to God for our blessings, but also for our challenges.
We respect each other and aspire to live the golden rule in all our affairs.

Provider Information
Tamara Anderson
10052 Commerce Park Drive ,Cincinnati,OH