McDonald Hopkins

We stake our future on continued adherence to these Core Values


  • Ethical standards and practices are the bedrock of good business.
  • As advocates and counselors, we are zealous, loyal, and committed to upholding the highest standards of the legal profession.
  • We promote honesty and fairness in our dealings with all parties.
  • Our professional standards are nonnegotiable.

Client Service

  • We succeed only when our clients are well-served.
  • Great service requires timeliness, responsiveness, and innovation.
  • Our clients deserve great service on every matter they entrust to us.


  • A team approach is the most effective way to provide creativity and deep expertise to our clients.
  • Every member of our organization contributes to our client service goals.
  • We collaborate effectively with clients and other advisors.


  • We encourage and support innovation and individual initiative.
  • Advancement is based on merit.
  • We are a meritocracy.

Quality of Life

  • We strive to provide every member of our organization with opportunities to achieve satisfying professional and personal lives.
  • All members of our organization are encouraged to develop and apply their talents, to gain the respect of colleagues, and to serve our clients, the firm and the community.
Provider Information
Shawn M. Riley - 216.348.5773,
600 Superior Avenue, East Suite 2100, Cleveland, OH 44114