National Autism Association of Southeast Ohio

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Why do we need your help?

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, affecting 1 in 36 children born today. Twenty years ago, autism diagnosis rates were 1 in 10,000. In fact, more children are diagnosed with autism today than with childhood cancer, leukemia, and pediatric AIDS combined. The cost of treatment per child can exceed $75,000 per year which families are struggling to raise in order to help their children. Children with autism need educational and behavioral interventions, speech, physical and occupational therapy, as well as specialized medical care and supplements, most of which are not covered by insurance companies. If these supports are in place for the children early on their quality of life improves significantly and many can recover or learn basic communication and social skills.

By treating the autism now when kids are young they have a better chance of reversing the diagnosis and becoming self-determinant adults. Catching autism early and treating it early gives a child a better chance at recovery and/or leading as normal a life as possible, making juvenile delinquency and other young adult issues a non-issue. We are not only raising the level of health in the child and his or her family but the community as well.

Provider Information
Shannon Coconis, President
10 West Overlook Drive Zanesville, Ohio 43701