Stand Up for Downs

About us…

In 2013, four years after their son, Henry, was born with Down syndrome, Rob and Ellen Snow founded Stand Up For Downs. After being very involved in the Down syndrome community and various advocacy efforts, they wanted to find a way to help both the local and national disability organizations. Rob had a background in stand up comedy and improvisation, and had produced many comedy events. So they decided to stick with what they knew, and created Stand Up For Downs with the idea of enhancing the lives of those with developmental disabilities through humor.

They put on over 75 comedy and uniquely themed events in seven years, and raised a whole bunch of money. Over $300,000 has been granted, donated, or sponsored to nearly 60 organizations and individuals in the disability community. In 2017, Rob had the idea to use improvisation to teach valuable skills to those with developmental disabilities to greatly increase social, workplace, and lifetime opportunities. Through Stand Up For Downs, The Improvaneer Method was able to build its foundation. Today, The Improvaneer Method operates as a separate company and is teaching improvisation to over 500 individuals around the country.

Provider Information
Rob Snow
3552 Hunting Run Road, Medina, OH 44256