The Gerson School

The Gerson School is an alternative placement for students whose emotional, social and behavioral struggles have impacted their ability to succeed in a public setting. Many emotionally vulnerable students were hit hard by the pandemic and have had great difficulty adjusting to a normal routine. Chronic sadness, hopelessness, social difficulties and increased anxiety may be leading to school avoidance and truancy issues, disruptive behavior and para-suicidal behaviors. Gerson School can help get students back on track through academic and mental health support. Currently offering grades 6-12, we will be expanding to grades 4 and 5 in the fall of 2023.

Our success with students is enhanced by differentiated instruction, a therapeutic environment, and individualized attention. All staff and students are trained in the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program, which is a proactive framework of evidence-based strategies and systems that help create environments that are predictable, consistent, positive and safe.

The Gerson School offers a unique educational environment focused on ensuring the success of our students. Individual learning plans enable each student to reach his or her maximum potential in a supportive setting. Gerson students benefit from:

  • A quality, differentiated curriculum led by highly qualified staff
  • Careful guidance in personal development
  • Small class sizes
  • Individual and group support from the school social worker and other trained staff
  • Preparation for return to mainstream high school or graduation to college, technical training, or full-time employment

At Gerson, we believe in every student and are committed to providing the necessary tools and support in order for each student to excel and grow. Through our holistic approach to learning in a diverse environment, Gerson students can learn to finish what they start, overcome obstacles, demonstrate tenacity, develop and practice integrity, and develop empathy.

Provider Information

(216) 696-5800
10427 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44122