The Whole Kid

Our mission is to help motivated students use their achievement to open doors to best fit colleges, ideally with merit money. 

In service to that mission, our tutors support student efforts in every high school subject, in the development of effective study habits, and in ACT/SAT prep.

What we offer is not simply homework help. Our goal is to empower kids to be successful on their own. Thus, a great tutor is always looking for opportunities to work herself out of a job.

There are various “pinch points” over the course of a school career when some high-impact tutoring can make a big difference in a student’s success, including:

  • the transition to high school

  • getting traction in a particularly difficult subject/course 

  • ACT/SAT Prep

  • leaving the nest/the transition to college

Provider Information
Tim Tibbitts
18035 Fernway Rd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122