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We are excited to be part of the revolution of Spellers proving that non-speaking does not equal non-thinking! Our certified practitioners presume competence with every new student that walks through our door. We believe that communication is the key to independence and we work to provide the pathway for our Spellers to achieve their autonomy. 

We proudly serve non-speaking and minimally speaking individuals from age five and up with autism, apraxia, and other sensory, movement and communication challenges.  Our Spelling to Communicate services facilitate the motor skills required for communication and daily living. 

Our mission is to enthusiastically support every Speller’s human right to communication and self-advocacy and to continue to grow the community of Spellers in Ohio and worldwide. Everyone deserves to be heard!










Provider Information
LeeAnn DiTomaso & Samantha Paros,
19 Alpha Park, Highland Heights, OH 44143