ACLD Learning Center


ACLD Learning Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of individuals with learning and/or developmental difficulties. By providing evaluation, intervention and advocacy services, ACLD Learning Center will help to close the achievement gap and improve the developmental readiness of individuals who struggle to learn.

The mission of the ACLD School is to provide an effective, all day education designed to meet the needs of children with learning problems in our community. Our goal is to improve their academic success, level of confidence, and attitude toward school. This will be achieved through individualized academic instruction and intervention within a supportive learning environment.

ACLD was established in 1972 to provide children who have learning disabilities and other developmental concerns with a place to learn and grow. It is a place where learners’ strengths and needs are identified and nurtured and emotional needs are supported. Our students are taught the skills that enable them to reach for academic success and experience it, grasping the accomplishment with both hands. Our very name, ACLD, All Children Learn Differently, is also our commitment: to identify the needs of each child and provide an individualized approach to intervention that capitalizes on strengths and helps to develop efficient and successful learners. We value the need for parents and guardians to understand their children’s needs. We value advocacy and empower parents to pursue support services that will meet their child’s needs. ACLD’s goals are to help children to overcome obstacles, achieve confidence and improve peer and family relationships, as well as their overall quality of life.

Our founder, Mollie Kessler was a pioneer in the field of special education. At a time in history, when there were no services or protections for children who struggled in school, Mollie worked with local, state and national organizations to get these children the support they needed. She mentored countless teachers. Mollie always put the children first, but she was also a beacon of hope for their parents. When she opened ACLD over nearly 50 years ago, she laid the foundation for a legacy that has touched thousands of children and families in our community. She was a treasured mentor and friend.

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