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Adapted Sports

ldquoA child with a disability is a child first.rdquo

For more than 60 years, the Achievement Centers for Children has recognized the importance of recreation for children and adults with a variety of disabilities. We are a leader in developing and offering recreational experiences that encourage children with disabilities to develop their confidence, independence and self-esteem while interacting with peers and being part of a team.

What are Adapted Sports?

Adapted sports are competitive sports for individuals with disabilities. While the adapted sports often parallel existing sports played by able-bodied athletes, there may be some modifications in the equipment and rules to meet the needs of the participants.

In order to form competitive teams, disabilities are generally identified into broad groups such as physical, cognitive/developmental delays or both. This allows children to compete against players with their same skill level. Through the Achievement Centers for Children, and with financial support from many local businesses, organizations, corporations and the hundreds of volunteers, children with disabilities are now playing sports instead of just watching.

Provider Information
Mike Urban-Manager of Sports Services
440-238-6200 ext. 245
15000 Cheerful Lane ,Strongsville, ,OH