Akron Area YMCA-Rotary Camp for Children With Special Needs

Akron Rotary Camp offers several camping programs. The children’s overnight camp is geared towards children with disabilities aged 6-17. This is the cornerstone program, which has been offered since 1924. Campers 18 and older can participate in Adult Camp. ┬áDay camp is offered to campers ages 6-21. Campers enjoy traditional camp activities while spending each night at home.

Today, our campers represent a variety of disabilities. Many campers have developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and Down syndrome. Other campers have physical disabilities such as spina┬ábifida, cerebral palsy, and blindness. There are also many campers with learning disabilities, mental health disorders, and multiple diagnoses. A camper just has to have a disability to qualify for any one of the Akron Rotary Camp’s programs.

Provider Information

4460 REX LAKE DR, AKRON, OH 44319