Alta Behavioral Healthcare

Intake/Diagnostic Assessment
All clients seen at the Center will have a detailed Diagnostic assessment providing a comprehensive developmental and social history of the child and family unit. A preliminary diagnosis and initial treatment recommendations are included in this process.

Individual, group, and family counseling services are provided by a staff of therapists skilled in child behavior management and family dynamics. In a caring and supportive environment, families are instructed in ways to help each other. Individuals are guided in resolving and understanding the feelings and issues that are causing the problems. Therapists work with the families to determine needs counseling services can be office-based, home-based and school-based.

Psychiatric Services
Licensed physicians are available to evaluate the need for specific bio/medical interventions including but not limited to the use of medication in conjunction with treatment.

Community Support
Child community support workers identify needs, coordinate services, provide advocacy and monitor the quality of care. Staff work actively to link children and their families with social welfare, educational, medical and other special services as may be needed.

Emergency/Crisis Intervention
24 hours, 7 days a week, staff are available to handle a broad range of child/adolescent and family crisis situations. Services can be obtained by calling any of the Center’s office telephone numbers. Services can include phone or face-to-face counseling.

Provider Information
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