Alternative Paths, Inc

When the agency opened in 1989, the core services focused on a primary client population with
severe mental health diagnoses such as depression, bi-polar disorder, and schizophrenia.
Alternative Paths, within all programs, helps consumers gain the highest level of functioning and
independence possible given their own individual presentation of symptoms and life circumstances.

We recognize that for many of our clients, their mental illness has a life long impact, but we support
and work within the recovery model promoting resiliency and attainment of personal goals.
We believe that recovery is a personal process that involves overcoming the negative impact of a
psychiatric disability despite its continued presence.

Our team of clinicians works with mental health consumers to rebuild meaningful lives while receiving services that enable them to recover and decrease their dependence on the system. Alternative Paths treats clients through a multidisciplinary clinical team which includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, clinical social workers, clinical counselors, case managers, and chemical dependency clinicians.

Emerency Service
Crisis intervention services are available 24 hours, 365 days a year. Hotline services, phone consultation and in-person emergency psychiatric assessments may be accessed by calling (330) 725-9195. Face-to-face emergency assessments for adults, adolescents, and children are conducted when there is a risk of suicide, decompensation of mental status or psychiatric symptoms which may indicate a need for hospitalization. Assessments may be conducted at Alternative Paths or at any of the three hospital emergency rooms within Medina County. This service is available to any person experiencing a psychiatric crisis in Medina County.

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