Ardmore Foundation, Inc

Ardmore operates small homes, foster care homes, and provides case work support to individuals in our supported living program who live alone, with roommates or spouses. The Ardmore staff is committed to advocate for the rights of each individual, and to provide consistent quality support services for those we serve.

Ardmore, Inc. began specialized services for adults with Autism in 2002 with specifically built homes to meet the needs of individuals with Autism. In July of 2005 we opened a home with services for children with Autism.

The Bridges program is designed to provide purposeful day activities and supports to individuals with Developmental Disabilities. This is accomplished by developing a ldquomenurdquo of activities from which participants can choose to participate in skill reinforcement activities, group activities, exercise groups, reading a book, doing puzzles, working with a computer, and therapeutic recreation/leisure activities may also be available.

The Community Services Program was developed in 1979 to address the needs of individuals living independently throughout Summit County and for those ready to attempt to do so.

Adult Foster Care is a unique service delivery that provides supports and services to individuals in the natural environment of a family home. In accommodating the wide range of needs of the individual’s Ardmore serves, we have contracted with a variety of individuals to provide Foster Care service’s in their homes for up to two individuals.

Provider Information

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