Art Therapy Studio

The Art Therapy Studio is a non-profit organization that provides innovative therapeutic art
programs in a variety of settings, where people can benefit from the healing power of art. We
use the expressive arts to help children and adults communicate their feelings, tell their
stories and experience themselves as unique individuals. Because our focus is on personal
expression and image making, art centered therapy is especially helpful for people who
cannot use words to express themselves. Incorporated in 1967, the Art Therapy Studio is the
oldest arts therapy program of its kind in the country. The Art Therapy Studio was established to make the arts available to persons with special needs, who would otherwise not have access to these services. As a part of our mission, we also offer a variety of education programs on the unique therapeutic benefits of the arts.

Throughout its history, the Art Therapy Studio has dedicated itself to increasing public awareness of the healing power of art.

Provider Information
Michelle Epps
(216) 791-9303
12200 Fairhill Road,Cleveland,OH