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About Us

Our mission is to establish a world-class virtual clinic that dramatically increases access to early autism diagnostic services.

Our vision is of a world where every family has the tools they need to help their children flourish.

How It work?

Is a virtual autism evaluation the right decision for my family?

Your child’s brain is primed for learning early in life, making an early diagnosis crucial. Yet, the amount of time it takes to get a diagnosis can be long and the pandemic has only made the wait even greater.

It can take months to years to get a diagnosis, but our physicians can get your family answers within weeks.

Our physicians are specially trained to conduct evaluations for autism virtually using an evidence-based approach and assessments. Our evaluation process can be completed in just three individual virtual video appointments, including a clinical interview (discussion with the physician), standardized behavioral observation and results visit – all from the comfort of your home, keeping you and your child in a familiar environment. *Depending on the needs of the child, additional appointments may be required. 


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