Asian Services In Action, ASIA Inc.

In 1995, four immigrant women founded Asian Services In Action in response to the needs that they saw among individuals and families in the community. Today, ASIA serves over 10,000 people annually in 30 languages, providing culturally competent programs and services to empower Asian American and
Pacific Islander (AAPI) families throughout Northeast Ohio.

To empower Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Northeastern Ohio to access quality, culturally, and linguistically appropriate information and services.

Vision Statement:
Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) in Northeastern Ohio will have equal access to information and quality services, and no disparities will exist. AAPI issues and interests will be fully understood and incorporated into service plans of all major public agencies and community service providers in Northeast Ohio.

Four women, each a professional in her own field, met together to discuss the untapped potential existing in the emerging Asian population in Northeast Ohio. These friends laid the foundation for Asian Services in Action, Inc. (ldquoASIArdquo) with great hopes and aspirations for the work this organization can accomplish to
improve the quality of life for Asians in Northeast Ohio. They knew that hard work,challenges and barriers would lie ahead. They committed their time and resources to this undertaking. They started small. Their first effort was the planning and carrying out of a one-day health initiative that reached 60 members from the Asian
community. This was back in 1995. Today, the organization has two main offices and programs statewide. The organization serves over 4,000 individuals annually.

Provider Information
Michael Byun, MPA, Executive Director
3631 Perkins Ave., #2A-W,Cleveland,OH