Avenue at Aurora

The Avenue provides in-patient and out-patient rehabilitative care for a wide range of diagnosis and needs. After an illness, injury, or elective surgery our experienced therapy team will strive to help you get back to your previous life and level of functioning as quickly as possible.

The therapy team is a dynamic and caring group trained in the latest rehabilitation techniques. Our spacious gym offers many leading edge treatment modalities and equipment not commonly found in all rehab.

Facilities including diathermy and e-stim, as well as a complete training kitchen, full-training bathroom, and laundry facilities to prepare you for home going..

The Avenue at Aurora offers additional in-house services to our residents. We have a number of specialists who regularly visit the facility including Orthopedic Surgeon, Dentist, Podiatrist, Audiologist, Optometrist, Psychologist and Nurse Practitioners.

Provider Information
Jessica Harrison
425 South Chillicothe Road,Aurora,OH