Believers Academy Program


To enrich the minds and skills of students so they become life long learners academically, have the opportunity to improve their quality of life and become productive members in their community.

Our program is committed to providing a high quality of behavioral and mentoring service to students, their parents, and placing agencies.

Program Goals

Believers Academy is dedicated to continuously seeking ways to enhance our program services. Our key goals are to:

  • Encourage students to become lifelong learners
  • Encourage students to “Believe in their Dreams”
  • Meet students where they are mentally and affirm their abilities with regular support, encouragement, and hope that they can become accomplished learners.
  • Provide students with the Entrepreneurial skills training that will assist them in securing their financial future.
  • Strengthen the confidence of students with positive reinforcement techniques so they learn self control and self discipline.
  • Provide support to students, families through weekly communication by phone and a daily passport program.
  • To support the needs of community agencies by providing effective and affordable solutions to empowering struggling students.
  • Believers Academy staffs is dedicated to empowering students to become life long learners. Our students are held in the highest regards and our staff places each individual student’s future as their top priority, role-modeling healthy communication and positive habits so the student can embrace learning.


Provider Information
James Ringfield
(216) 287-9267
18001 Ponciana Ave. Cleveland, OH 44135