Bellefaire JCB Counseling & Community Services

Counseling Community Services

Counseling Community Services are provided in a variety of locations, including: in one of Bellefaire JCB’s offices, in a client’s home, in the community, and in the school. It is our philosophy that children and teens respond best when they are treated in a familiar environment where parents, siblings, guardians, teachers, and other significant people are able to collaborate.

Professionally licensed staff members, with degrees in psychology, social work, counseling and other human service fields, provide services ranging from outpatient counseling for individuals and families to intensive community-based treatment programs that address more specific problems, such as a homeless teen program to an intervention and a substance abuse prevention program for high school students.

Psychological testing and evaluation are provided to clients to assess which treatment options are the most appropriate. Testing and evaluation will:

  • Determine the presence or absence of a specific mental health condition.
  • Examine cognitive abilities.
  • Determine the level of academic skills.
  • Formulate treatment needs and strategies most likely to help the client.
  • Document changes in cognitive, academic or emotional functioning.

Bellefaire JCB’s Intake Department staff is trained to work with families and referral sources to make a clinical assessment of needs, evaluate appropriateness for programs, and assist with the entire admission process.

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