Bowling Green State University Firelands-icon name The Clark Inclusive Scholars Program

What is the Clark Inclusive Scholars Program?

Funded by the Clark Family Foundation, the Clark Inclusive Scholars Program is an individualized post-secondary certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities. Students will typically complete the certificate program in four semesters. To earn the certificate, students will spend an average of 20 hours or more on the Firelands campus attending classes, gaining work experience, receiving individualized instruction and support, and socializing with peers. They will have access to the same learning environments and student life activities as all other BGSU Firelands students. Individualized planning will guide the development of each studentrsquos program of study, career development activities, and student life involvement. Learning experiences will focus on the development of academic, social, and career skills that lead to competitive employment, meaningful careers and community membership. It is expected that upon completion of the program, students will either be employed or will continue on for an associatersquos degree.

Why is BGSU Firelands developing this program?

Young adults with intellectual disabilities who earn a college degree or certificate are more likely to be employed, have higher wages, and have healthier lifestyles than those with lower levels of educational attainment. Aligned with BGSU Firelandsrsquo access mission, this program is a shining example of how all students can Belong, Stand Out, and Go Far with BGSU.

Who is the target student population?

Students with intellectual disabilities who live in the Firelands region, and who:

  • are between the ages of 18 and 26
  • have exited secondary education
  • were formally eligible for special education and related services under the Individuals with Disabilities Act
  • had a good attendance and disciplinary record in secondary school
  • are not able to benefit from enrollment in a traditional academic program at BGSU but are interested in continuing to develop skills to live and work independently
  • are able to learn to navigate campus independently and to be unsupervised for a minimum of one hour
Provider Information
Kyle Closen
One University Drive,Huron,OH