Bright Minds Learning Academy

Bright Minds Learning Academy offers after school learning programs on ACT, Math, Reading, Vocabulary and Writing for ages 3-18.
ACT/SAT Super-Prep
Private Tutoring on all subjects.
Homework Help
School Readiness- Age 3-5
Wilson Reading
BRIGHT MINDS Academy is an ALL-INCLUSIVE LEARNING Center committed to teaching students to become Confident and Self-Reliant learners, so they succeed at school and beyond.
For children of ages 2 -18. Our goal is to provide help and support for all subjects, whether it’s a 2 year old learning their ABC, 123 s or a high school student preparing for ACT/SAT s ..
Bright Minds provides a unique program that builds confidence, develops focus, creates solid foundation and helps children become stronger learners. The program is self-paced, systematic and helps in long term retention by mastery. Whether parents are looking for remedial help or enrichment, our program provides the improvement and advancement every child needs and fits every parent budget.
Benefits of Bright Minds: Soaring Confidence, Sharper Skills, developing logical thinking and problem solving skills, higher score at classroom and standardizing tests.
An affordable, effective and proven curriculum which focuses on core subjects like: Math, Reading, Study Skills, Writing, Test Prep and a nurturing environment with certified and passionate staff makes it a PERFECT FIT for every child.
The math curriculum expands from counting to Calculus with word problems and the Reading program expands from Alphabets and sight words to Creative Writing, Critique reading with emphasis on phonics, comprehension, writing and vocabulary.
We also offer:
One on One Tutoring
Homework Help
Study Skills
SAT/ACT Test Prep
Language Classes: Chines, Hindi, Spanish
Provider Information

5368 Fulton Drive, NW Canton, OH 44718