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Scott Simler Artist at BZTAT Studios A2A CollectiveThe Artist 2 Artist Collective is a community of artists at BZTAT Studios that is open to artists of all abilities, including those with developmental and mental health disabilities. The collective is designed to offer professional guidance to artists in an professional art studio space. Led by artist BZTAT (Vicki Boatright), the program offers a variety of opportunities to artists in the Canton, OH area to develop their unique creative talents. Opportunities include:

  • Interactive art experiences designed to meet the unique needs of individual or group participants.
  • Individual arts mentoring and instruction geared towards empowering artists of all abilities to develop their interests and artistic talents into original works of art.
  • Group art activities designed to encourage artists to create using different types of media and techniques.
  • Collaborations with other artists to create various art products.
  • Mentoring from artists and other professionals towards self-employment as an artist.
  • Community projects to encourage artists to engage with others in the community as active members of the Canton Arts District.


Brenda Case artist at the A2A Collective at BZTAT StudiosThe A2A Collective is a membership program with different packages offered. (Waiver funding is available to cover membership fees for some individuals with developmental disabilities. Contact your SSA for more information.)

  • Mentored Artist – Mentored Artist members receive intensive mentoring from a professional artist that empowers them to enhance their creativity and talents as artists and as working professionals. Professional mentoring focuses on developing the artist’s unique interests and talents; overcoming obstacles and developing capacities.
  • Enrichment Artist – Enrichment Artist members are non-professional artists seeking to enhance their skills and to create with others for personal enrichment. They receive guidance and instruction from a professional artist with an emphasis on personal development. (1-4 hrs per week).
  • Studio Artist – The Studio Artist package entitles members to utilize studio space to work independently on their own individual art projects. A workspace and storage for supplies is provided (within reason). No supplies or mentoring included. (1-10 hours a week).


About Artist BZTAT

Vicki Boatright, known as “BZTAT” (pronounced bee-zee-tat), is an artist who is known worldwide for her animal themed contemporary artworks and public art. Vicki holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in the visual arts from Marshall University in Huntington, WV. She also holds a Masters Degree in counseling from Marshall University. She worked as a mental health therapist for 20 years, and more recently she led an arts studio and gallery for individuals with developmental disabilities. Currently she runs her own studio/gallery, offering classes and individual instruction. Vicki tailors her instruction to accommodate persons with unique needs so that all people of all abilities have an opportunity to create.

About BZTAT Studios

BZTAT Studios is an art gallery/studio in downtown Canton, OH operated by Vicki Boatright, who is known by her artist name BZTAT. BZTAT Studios features artwork by BZTAT and other select artists, as well as The CUT Cinema, which is an independent film theater integrated into the gallery environment.



Provider Information
Vicki Boatright
209 6th Street, NW Canton, OH 44702