Camp FIT- Friendship in Teams

FIT Camp’s mission is to help each child improve his or her social skills while engaging in authentic activities with typical peers in a learn-and-do format. The camp is in its 8th year and has had resounding success in the community. At FIT Camp, children are immersed in socially and developmentally appropriate activities allowing them to practice their social skills with friends, including typical peers. We are proud of our high staff to student ratio (1:3).

FIT Camp is one of the only social skills camps that is staffed by the following combination of highly trained individuals:

  • speech language pathologists
  • Certified teachers
  • trained aides
  • graduate students from Case Western Reserve University
  • child psychologists
  • Adaptive PE instructors

FIT Camp, every day focuses on a new social skill and lesson themes are embedded in daily activities:

The camp experience is similar to a school setting, but infuses fun into every activity. Best of all, FIT Camp helps get kids ready to start the new school year off on the right foot.

Often people ask us whether our camp caters only to children with spectrum disorders such as Asperger Syndrome or PDD-NOS. The answer is quotno.quot Our camp has a wide variety of children with varying diagnoses or no diagnoses at all. We teach social thinking skills that are based on leading research and proven therapy techniques. Best of all, IEP goals are targeted throughout the activities for each child. Individual speech therapy is offered to students as necessary. Staff members support the use of all targeted skills, keep data and report on progress daily to parents. Each camper receives an end of camp report card.

Provider Information
Nicole Gerami or Erick Anderson
23825 Commerce Park Road, Suite B ,Beachwood ,OH