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College Support for Students with Disabilities
As a student with a disability, making the decision to attend college can be positive and life-changing. Most colleges recognize that qualified students with disabilities deserve equal educational access and benefits, and work to create a more inclusive environment that offers appropriate student services, advocacy, campus accessibility and academic support.

An increase in support and resources, at the national and local levels, has helped increase studentsrsquo opportunities for success in college. In 2012, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that students with disabilities made up 11.1% of the total undergraduate population, a slight increase over the 10.9% reported in 2008.

In addition to campus support, students with disabilities are protected under federal, state and local laws, which prohibit discrimination and ensure equal access to the same quality and level of education. This guide provides an overview of the legal rights of students with disabilities, as well as advice and next steps when considering which college to attend. We have also compiled a brief list of links to web applications and software programs that aid students with various disabilities.

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