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Golf Accessibility

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes, young and old, with varying abilities, which includes individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, not all golf courses can accommodate individuals with disabilities because proper adaptive equipment is required for them to play.

Cleveland Metroparks has obtained four Soloriders, a single-rider golf car, designed for many different groups of people including individuals who require mobility assistance on the golf course. With Solorider cars available at Shawnee Hills, Seneca and Big Met golf courses, those individuals with disabilities now have the opportunity to hit the fairways.

With a top speed of 14 mph, the Solorider has a regenerative braking and speed control to ensure the safety of its riders. It also has a patented swivel seat mechanism that allows the user to position the seat in any orientation from seated to standing. The hand controls provided on the car are similar in layout to those found on a scooter, snowmobile or motorcycle.

The car is designed in such a way that the golfer’s handicap will only be related to his/her ability to play the game, not any mobility impairment they may have.

With four-wheel automotive type suspension for a smooth ride over the most harsh golf course terrain, the Solorider is stable on lateral slopes of 40% or less and longitudinal slopes of over 80%. Controls are ergonomically positioned to provide easy access and intuitive operation.

According to the American Disabilities Act of 1990, all public facilities must be designed, constructed and altered in compliance with accessibility standards to individuals with disabilities, which includes public golf courses. However, whether golf facilities must be required to keep single-rider cars in stock to accommodate a disabled golfer should one come to play is an issue currently being decided by the Department of Justice in the unresolved part of the access debate.

For now, Cleveland Metroparks is taking a stand and providing the Soloriders at regular cart fees to individuals with disabilities. No reservations are necessary, but are strongly recommended so they are prepared when you arrive.

For more information about the Soloriders and availability,

Big Met Golf Course  Rocky River Reservation  4811 Valley Parkway   Fairview Park OH 44126

Seneca Golf Course Brecksville Reservation  975 Valley Parkway  Broadview Heights OH 44147

Shawnee Hills Golf Course Bedford Reservation  18753 Egbert Rd  BedfordOH 44146




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