Cleveland Psychological Assessments

As parents, we want to ensure that our children are happy and successful in whatever they do and that they are achieving up to their fullest capability.  When they are not, we often worry that  something might be “wrong.” Maybe it’s the way they learn, processes information, behaves, performs at school or interacts socially that concerns us (or the teachers).

By having a child evaluated, parents can gain valuable insights into some of the underlying complexities that are contributing to these difficulties.  Evaluations often lead to explanations, answers, and more importantly, directions of how to best address these concerns.

Dr. Walinsky’s approach to assessments is very comprehensive. She takes into account not only how a child performs on the tests, but why they performed that way.   And, rather than focusing on what is “wrong” with the child, Dr. Walinsky values each child’s strengths, taking the “whole child” into account.

Provider Information
Jennifer Walinsky, Ph.D.
3601 S. Green Road #201 Beachwood, Oh 44122