Cleveland Psychological Assessments

Dr.Walinsky has extensive training in evaluations, diagnostic assessments (including comprehensive cognitive, educational, neuro-psychological, and emotional evaluations) of children and adolescents presenting with a broad range of developmental, psychological, health-related, and behavioral/emotional concerns. She has worked in a variety of settings including schools, community-based outpatient treatment centers, medical hospitals, and private practice.

Common early childhood problems, including toilet training difficulties, feeding concerns, temper tantrums, biting and sleep problems can be very challenging for parents and childcare providers. Dr. Walinsky has worked extensively with early interventionists, preschools/daycare centers and parents to create comprehensive, developmentally appropriate approaches to addressing these concerns across settings. Dr. Walinsky works together with parents, preschool teachers, and daycare providers to help promote healthy social-emotional development in young children.

Provider Information
Jennifer Walinsky, Ph.D.
The Fairways Building,3601 S. Green Road #201,Beachwood,OH