COFFEE CAFE Whole Latte Love Cafe

Whole Latte Love Café is a paid vocational training program and supported employment model, offering time limited Vocational Habilitation services that provide real-work experiences (including volunteer work in the community). Services are meaningful & intentional, and developed around three critical priorities:

  1. Person-Centered Planning
  2. Community Membership
  3. Community Employment

Our focus is on engaging employers, supporting safety needs, connecting in the community, and creating community employment success. An individual must be 18 years or older, a graduate of high school and found eligible for funding through Ohio’s Waiver programs, managed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. An individual’s service plan must report the desire to learn about working in the community as our primary focus is on developing general work & social skills, as well as addressing job-related expectations, self-determination and increasing independence towards individual or community-based transportation needs. All individuals will be compensated in accordance with applicable federal laws and regulations.

Individual plans are only expected to last up to two (2) years in Vocational Habilitation. Each individual will be empowered to develop their own employment-related goals. Direct supervision is provided while working in the café, the kitchen and/or in the community, and while learning about other jobs and volunteering. Task analyses have been conducted on the four primary positions inside the café to appropriately address work readiness skills, increase social integration, promote activities of daily living as well as determining what job accommodations one might need to successfully complete each position. In addition, each individual will receive assistance with problem-solving techniques, job-related expectations, and utilizing natural supports through our EMPOWER PROGRAM.

All applicants will be interviewed and a vocational assessment will be conducted prior to determining whether WLLC is a suitable Provider. WLLC generally provides services up to five (5) hours per day Monday-Saturday, unless other specific services are provided as an adjunct to other day activities identified in an ISP. WLLC will determine whether an adjustment to one’s schedule can be made on a case by case basis. WLLC does not discriminate based upon one’s disability, and an individual’s needs will be thoroughly considered. However, there are some conditions that we cannot appropriately support and therefore, WLLC may not be suitable for every applicant.

The Primary Concepts

  • Designed to teach and reinforce concepts related to work including responsibility, attendance, task completion, problem-solving, social interaction, motor development and safety.
  • WLLC business promotes customer service skills, the concept of building community memberships and increasing independence, while expanding one’s choices through ongoing supports.
  • The ability to effectively communicate with supervisors, coworkers, and customers.
  • Generally-accepted workplace conduct and following dress code policies.
  • The ability to complete work tasks as directed, with or without accommodations.
  • Learn more about self-determination; develop self-advocacy skills; and acquire skills that enable more independence, productivity and integration within your community.
Provider Information
Beth Humbert
1308 South Main St. North Canton, OH 44720