College Living Experience (CLE)

What Is College Living Experience?

College Living Experience (CLE) is the industry’s leading provider of post-secondary supports, including academics, social skills, independent living and career development, for neurodivergent young adults.

We are … proud to work with students

who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder, specific learning disability, ADHD, cerebral palsy, or other types of cognitive delays. Our students don’t fit into a single box, but each one has the motivation and desire to learn and live independently.


We are not … an academic institution.

We’re a wrap-around support service that helps students build the authentic college experience they’ve always wanted, while they get the support they need to learn executive functioning skills, earn their degree, etc.


Even though we partner with area academic universities, community colleges and technical schools where many of our students attend, our services do not award credit.

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