Compassion Delivered

Founded in 2017, Compassion Delivered, a 501c3 non-profit, began when my husband and I recognized a need in our community. We have personally been affected by people in our lives who struggle to provide themselves the nutritional needs while dealing and coping with their life-threatening illness. We researched organizations around the country and realized this was a service many communities had already been receiving, but not here at home. So, we began the journey of forming Compassion Delivered and being able to offer these services and support to those in our own community.

We truly believe that an act of kindness, such as a meal can give hope, compassion, and strength. We realized that like us, so many people have been touched by a family member or friend who have suffered from life-threatening illnesses or diseases and had to choose between nutritious meals or medication. We truly believe that with the right food sustainability program, the body can begin to heal. Food is medicine and we don’t want to see people choosing between medical care or suffering from malnutrition and hunger from their illnesses or diseases.

Our Mission is to provide nutritional meals to people who are coping with chronic, life-threatening illnesses and diseases. We believe that people (men, women, and children) should not have to choose between medical care or suffer the malnutrition and hunger caused by their illnesses or diseases.


Provider Information
1320 Bel Air Dr NW., North Canton Ohio 44720