Courage To Caregivers

Our Mission

To provide hope, support, and courage to caregivers and loved ones of those living with mental illness.

Our Approach

OUR APPROACH with: Courage to Caregivers offers three (currently virtual) programs at no cost to participants. Programs focus entirely on the caregiver and provide tools to build stronger coping strategies and greater resilience for caregivers. One-to-One Caregiver Peer Support matches a caregiver in need with a caregiver trained in peer support to provide mentoring and empowerment. Breathing Meditation classes are led by a certified yoga instructor who guides participants through breathing techniques and guided meditations to relieve stress. Support Groups are co-facilitated by a licensed social worker or counselor and a trained peer specialist volunteer who has experience caring for a loved one with mental illness. Caregivers can register for all three programs on the Courage to Caregivers website.

Courage to Caregiving has -NO physical location!!

Provider Information
Kristi Horner
46 Shopping Plaza, PMB #113, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022