Creative Rehab

Description of Services

Career Exploration

This service is utilized to assist individuals with researching and exploring jobs, and to guide them toward an informed and confident decision of their employment goal.

Community Based Assessment

Staff evaluates strengths and needs of an individual during a trial work period in a job of interest. This allows clients to gain real life experience while having a Creative Rehab Job Coach there for one-on-one support and assistance.

Community Based Work Adjustment

The goal of a Community Based Work Adjustment is to guide the client in improving identified vocational skills and work behaviors to prepare the individual for competitive employment.

Job Coaching – On the Job Support

Individual instruction is provided to clients who have been hired by an employer in order to help learn their new job tasks, develop natural and peer supports, and adjust to the work environment.

Job Development (Job Placement)

A Creative Rehab Job Developer and the job seeker work together to locate and apply for open positions. A Job Plan is created between them to suite the individual’s goals and experience. The Job Developer works closely with their Client to provide application, interviewing, social, and performance skills with the end goal of this service being a successful job placement where the Client is satisfied.

Job Retention

After securing a position, the Creative Rehab Job Developer maintains contact with the client and employer for three months to ensure a smooth transition and to assist with any job difficulties that may arise.

Job Seeking Skills Training

This service guides the job seeker through the process of identifying job opportunities using a variety of techniques. They are also taught how to fill out a job application, develop a resume and cover letter, and improve one’s interviewing skills. The main focus is to prepare the seeker to locate employment independently after the service’s completion.

Non-Permanent Job Development

Creative Rehab staff assists transitional youth with applying for and securing non-permanent, entry level employment.


This service is designed for high school students who are looking to get a head start on job skills. Designed to take place in small groups, this service offers education and experience with a variety of topics including self advocacy, workplace readiness, job exploration, and post-secondary opportunities.

Summer Youth Career Exploration

This service focuses on high school students, helping them explore and discover a variety of jobs and career paths. This is done with online research and visits and tours of local businesses.

Summer Youth Work Experience

 SYWE helps teach high school students vocational skills and appropriate work behaviors. This is a five-week program that offers students paid hands-on work experience with the assistance and support of a Creative Rehab Job Coach.

Travel Training

This service teaches individuals how to travel independently on public transportation.

Provider Information
Mark Bergert
P.O. BOX 36477 Canton, OH 44735