Crosswind Concepts

Owners Jack and Debbie Wright have a wonderful son (Scott) that has been challenged with severe disabilities since birth. Scott was born with a very rare disorder called Coffin-Lowry Syndrome. We are proud to have gotten involved in assisting the disabled community with various products that ldquohelp the quality and save livesrdquo. This is our goal with products we provide, ranging from our patented Activity Tray to our Emergency Evacuation Chairs. If there is a product we can be ldquouniquerdquo with and assist in quality of life, we hope to provide it.

Crosswind Concepts began with the creation of a cockpit organizer for Cessna aircraft, our Cockpit Companion. The cockpits of small Cessna aircraft had a ldquoneedrdquo for simplified organization in order to have a safer and more efficient flying experience. Jack Wright, president of Crosswind Concepts, is a pilot and filled the ldquoneedrdquo for fellow pilots.

Located in beautiful wine country, Santa Rosa, CA., we take pride in our ideas and products and love input from people that assists us in continuing to strive for our goals.

Provider Information
Jack Wright
707-523 7535
222 Angela Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95403