CTS -Contract Transport Services, Inc

CTS was founded in 1997 by the company President William Madachik. Mr.
Madachik started this company with a vision and one van. He ran the business out
of his home, and did all the driving himself. As time progressed he got off the road
and was able to take a seat in his home office. Things did not get easier for him.
He worked even harder as a scheduler, dispatcher, sub- driver, and receptionist-
A one man show!

Eventually Mr. Madachik was able to purchase a garage and office space. Since
the big move in October of 2006 things have continued to improve. CTS began
expanding their customer base to private individuals. Today CTS transports over
1200 consumers per day! CTS now owns over 70 vehicles, and we don’t plan on
stopping now!

Provider Information
3223 Perkins Ave,Cleveland ,OH