Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

DBSA Chapters/Support Groups

The Depression Bipolar Support Alliance has Online Support Groups that meet at selected times. One must be 18 years old, one needs to register to use this online service. Go to website to register.

You will not be able to access the online meeting room outside of scheduled times. Each online support group is capped at 12 participants and the room opens 10 minutes before the meeting time. Groups fill up quickly, so try to arrive early. Participation in the groups is on a first-come, first-served basis.

DBSA chapters have meetings that are volunteer-run and many of the numbers listed are personal phone numbers. Due to this, please be considerate of the time of day you are calling. Also, please remember these are not crisis lines. If you are in need of emergency assistance, please call 911 or 800/273-TALK. When contacting chapters via email, please put lsquoDBSArsquo in the subject line.

DBSA Akron Area
Contact 1: Carol Bailey Floyd
Phone: (330) 414-3505
Contact 2: Solomon Griffin
Additional Phone: (330) 775-3818

DBSA Akron Area
Contact 1: Claudia Cihlar
Phone: (330) 665-8171

Provider Information
Carol Bailey Floyd
(800) 826-3632
55 E Jackson Blvd, Suite 490,Chicago,IL