Disabled Children's Relief Fund

The Disabled Children’s Relief Fund (DCRF) is a tax-exempt, non profit organization.The mission of the DCRF is to promote the growth and development of children with disabilities. DCRF provides support for assistive devices, equipment, prostheses, and rehabilitative services throughout the U.S. In light of the growing cost of health insurance, and the large number of families with little or no coverage, DCRF focuses special attention on helping children that do not have health insurance, especially the physically disabled.

DCRF grant applications may be used for modest awards ($25-$200) for assistive devices, rehabilitative services, arts and humanities projects, or for efforts to bolster compliance with existing laws for the benefit of children with disabilities. Applications may be submitted by families (parent or guardian) for an individual child, or by a non-profit organization for a small group of children.

Provider Information

P.O. Box 89,FreeportY,New York