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Did you know that you could request an independent educational evaluation at NO COST to you and completely paid for by your Public School District? Have you disagreed with the findings of evaluations? Are you unsure whether the team completed an appropriate evaluation of ALL areas of need? Offering: Cognitive, Achievement, Behavioral, and disability-specific assessments. middot Tele- assessment or in-person testing available Record Review

What if you had a professional with over 22 years of expertise and field-specific knowledge reviewing your studentrsquos educational records? Is your child getting the services that are documented on the 504 or IEP?

I have a proven 5-step method that not only verifies if these services have been provided, but holds service providers accountable. Advocacy If Irsquove learned anything, I can tell you that people listen when you have a knowledgeable advocate that can keep them accountable. This isnrsquot about finger- wagging, more importantly its about creating boundaries of respect that include your ability to assert yourself as a partner in your childrsquos education while building trust with the school team. If yoursquore interested in learning more about me, how I can help- give me a call.

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