• Embracing abilities

    Edison State Community College is one of eight Ohio institutions of higher education to have the opportunity to host the Eagle Program (Education, Abilities, Growth & Life Enrichment Program). The Eagle Program allows individuals with disabilities to gain the skills necessary to enter the workforce. The mission of the Eagle Program is to be diligent in promoting the success of those who need assistance—by offering opportunities that promote self-worth and confidence as well as skills for today’s job market.

    What exactly is the Eagle Program?

    The Eagle Program is a college program designed for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (18 years or older) who have graduated high school or received a GED. The Eagle Program allows participants to

    • gain academic and employment skills;
    • enrollment at Edison State—with access to all campus activities and privileges;
    • participate in individualized programs;
    • receive a certificate upon completion.

    What the Eagle Program supports

    The Eagle Program supports participants by

    • providing interactive career asssessments;
    • promoting participation in academically inclusive courses with Edison State students;
    • providing supplemental and life skills courses;
    • providing peer tutors and/or mentors;
    • providing tutoring sessions to assist with coursework
    • facilitating required internship(s);
    • providing financial assistance for those who qualify.