Elle’s Enchanted Forest

Our mission is to have a playground for all children, children with disabilities, and parents/grandparents/Veterans that are disabled and need a place to be able to play with their kids / grandkids. There will also be a focus to include elements for children/adults with autism.

The Need/Why We are Different from Other Playgrounds
Accessibility – Most playgounds lack access or adaptive ramps for strollers, wheelchairs or walkers both for the child or parent/grandparent.

Adaptive – Most playgrounds lack adaptive playground equipment for children with special needs or physical disabilities.

Isolation – People need to be aware that there are other families out there with similar situations and we want to create a social aspect by allowing them to play in the same place.
Location – Similar parks are not local, we will be easily accessible to those living on the Westside of Cleveland.

Sensory Components – Our park will have a space geared toward kids with ASD as well as visual hearing impairments.

Provider Information

21016 Hilliard Blvd., Rocky River, Ohio