Feldman Royle Law Firm. Autism Scholarship

Feldman Royle, Attorneys at Law is pleased to announce two annual scholarships for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD or Autism). The scholarships are designed to assist applicants in furthering their education. Each of the $1,000 scholarships will be for tuition at an educational institution chosen by the applicant.

ASD includes all Autism disorders, including those previously recognized as subtypes, such as childhood disintegrative disorder, autistic disorder, and others. ASD is sometimes associated with difficulties in social interaction, problems with motor coordination, attention issues, and others. But people with ASD may excel in the arts, mathematics, music and other skills. Over three million Americans are affected by autism, and the rate appears to be increasing over time. The scholarships being offered are intended to provide additional impetus for those with ASD to further their education.

Description of Scholarships

Feldman Royle is offering two annual* scholarships. Both of them are for $1,000, and will be used to defray the cost of tuition for a secondary school, community college, trade school or college. You are eligible for a scholarship whether or not you currently attend school. After being awarded the scholarship, you will have one year within which to provide us with a tuition invoice from the educational institution you have chosen to attend. A check for $1,000 will then be issued to the institution.


All those who have ASD (DSM-5) are eligible for the scholarships, which will be used to assist you in furthering your educational goals. We may request proof of your ASD diagnosis.

Provider Information
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