Help Network of Northeast Ohio

The Special Navigator for Families with Special Needs program at Help Network of Northeast Ohio, offers free referral / resource information to families that have children with special needs. A Parent/Family Specialist assists families and professionals in locating programs, services and information by calling 330-747-KIDS (5437) ext. 244. This service is available to Mahoning and Trumbull County residents. The Respite & Summer Programs for Families with Special Needs online document is available on the Help Network of Northeast Ohio website at , please scroll up to Services & click, scroll down to the Special Navigator for Families with Special Needs program, a link is provided for the Respite & Summer Programs online document, and updated each spring.  Please call for additional information.

Improving lives by providing immediate comprehensive services to support and connect people with community resources.

Help Network of Northeast Ohio (formerly Help Hotline Crisis Center Inc.)

In June of 2017, the former Help Hotline Crisis Center Inc. became known as Help Network of Northeast Ohio. We made this change to better reflect the full scope of the services we offer.

We continue to provide 24/7 crisis intervention, suicide prevention and intervention, referrals, support services and counseling services to persons experiencing mental health related and/or situational problems.

Help Network of Northeast Ohio also:

  • refers and links persons in need of emergency assistance to community resources that can provide it
  • disseminates information about community human services to individuals and families who need them.
  • works with planning organizations and government units to ensure these services are provided.

Click on the link below to access our Agency Brochure

Special Nav Brochure OnLine Version (1)


Provider Information
330-747-KIDS (5437) ext. 244
Northeast Ohio